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Shrek gets out of the outhouse one day and accidentally breaks the door. Shrek can do nothing about and he goes to Shrek way to get some onions, then he meets his best friend Donkey and offers him onions, but Donkey wants waffles insted. So they go and get some waffles and get involved in a car accident which gets them placed on a wanted list. They run away and go on adventures, they see a dragon and run away from it, only to find a gaurd wanting to queston them for the car accident, Shrek and Donkey get the hell out of there. They find Fiona, who was Shrek's extreamly clingy girlfriend who wants to be back in a relationship. Shrek refuses her and breaks down the palace, killing the royal family and making them the most wanted criminals in the world. They run away from the police and from Shrek's former girlfriend, and get in a spaceshuttle  to escape them all. Unfortunately the person in control of the shuttle did not know how to drive it, and crashed to earth with the moon. At this moment Shrek realized he still has not got his door fixed so he gets in a time machine to get the door before he destroyed it. His past self was mad that his door was stolen, so Shrek killed him before he could cause any trouble for him. When Shrek travels back to the present, he accidentally kills Donkey, he goes into a depression and attempts to drown himself in the ocean, but he is swallowed by a whale. Inside Fiona was there as well, from an attempt to drown herself because of the times Shrek rejected her. Shrek hates Fiona so much that he forces his way out of the whale. He then finds a new movie called Shronkey, which he immediately becomes a fan of. This reinvigorates his will to live and he travels home to his swamp and fixes the door to his outhouse.
shrek's day out
(Based off of the YouTube video)
Gender: female
family: Beatrice (daughter), Tyler (son).

STORY: laura is the mother of Beatrice and tyler, before she had children she used to be a circus acrobat until during one of her preformances laura accidentally landed backfirst onto a nozzle of a helium tank which was on and went through her skin and inflated her body, after the accident she was brought to a hospital and was in there for 3 weeks until the helium leaked out of her body which left laura with a baggy belly which then was back to normal in a couple of hours, she then retired and had a daughter and a son named beatrice and tyler. Laura had then taught her children how to inflate themselves when tyler and beatrice got a job at the circus.


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tyler fayant
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